Terms and Conditions for Samleikin

(Version 2.0)

Dear User of Samleikin:

When you create Samleikin, you simultaneously adopt and accept the terms and conditions governing the use of Samleikin. The terms and conditions for use are set forth in this document. Please read it carefully.

Kind regards, Gjaldstovan

1. Brief Background on Samleikin

Samleikin has a self-service web portal on the Internet.  The address is www.vangin.fo.

2. Personal Information

2.1. Processing of personal information when you register with Samleikin.

When you register and create Samleikin, you are asked to provide us certain personal information. With this information, we know that someone is impersonating you. This is necessary to make sure that the system can operate securely.

You must provide the following personal information to us:

When you register for a Samleikin digital ID, you agree to permit Gjaldstova to:

  1. Obtain your personal information from the government resident registry (Landsfólkayvirlit).

  2. Investigate to determine if your passport or driver’s licence is current/valid via the Faroese Vehicle Registry Office and the Danish national police.  
    1. The Faroese Vehicle Registry Office provides the following: your name, photo, signature, birthdate, birthplace, driver’s licence number, issue date, validity. Only the driver’s licence number is stored by Gjaldstovan.
    2. The Danish national police provides the following: your name, birthplace, nationality, passport number, driver’s license number, issue date, validity, possible national identity number. Only your passport number or driver’s licence number is stored by Gjaldstovan.
  3. Compare your self-portrait (selfie) with the photograph on your passport or driver’s licence to determine validity of your self-portrait. This is only applicable if you create Samleikin via the Internet.
    1. This comparison is carried out by a subsupplier of Gjaldstovan, which maintains a datacentre in Ireland, and that is where your information is sent.
    2. The respective information is limited to your self-portrait and the information that stands on your passport or driver’s licence.
    3. The information is encrypted before it is sent. The information is deleted by the subsupplier after thirty (30) days.
    4. Gjaldstovan stores the result of the validity comparison.
  4. Create a data action log of the use of Samleikin. See more on this in Section 2.2: “Processing of personal information”.

  5. Submit certain information to a third-party if the third-party uses Samleikin as part of its digital services. The term “third-party” herein shall mean a Service Provider, e.g., the Faroese Tax Authority (TAKS), financial institutions, etc. See more on this in Section 2.3: “Transmittal of personal information to a third-party”.

2.2. Processing of personal information regarding electronic identification

Data action logging

Gjaldstovan generates a data action log relative to these events when you use Samleikin:

In this context, an “event” means: an electronic identification, a renewal of Samleikin, or a change to your personal information.

Gjaldstovan does not generate a data action log of the content of services you access via Samleikin.

You can see an overview of your data action log via the self-service web portal at www.vangin.fo

2.3. Processing of personal information regarding electronic signature

When you sign a document using electronic signature with Samleikan, personal information will be attached to the document. This is:

Technically, the electronic signature with Samleikin is produced by a subcontractor of Gjaldstovan in a datacenter in Norway. All communication is encrypted during transfer.

Neither Gjaldstovan nor the subsupplier store copies of the signed document.

A technical log regarding the signature, is stored for one year. The purpose of this is to use as evidence for a specific signature, or to solve any dispute that could occur after the signature is produced.

2.4. Personal information that is transferred to a third-party

When you use Samleikin to access the services of a third-party, e.g., TAKS or a financial institution, Gjaldstovan submits certain personal information to the third-party. We do this so that you can use Samleikin to access the services of a third-party and so that we can ensure that no one is attempting to impersonate you.

We supply a third-party with this personal information about yourself:

Your government identity number (p-tal) is only provided to a third-party that you have authorized to receive this information or who is authorized to access this information by law in order to comply with a legal obligation or a requirement of a public authority.

These third parties will be provided your government identity number (p-tal) if they request an electronic identification via Samleikin:

2.5. How long does Gjaldstova store your personal information?

After you have deleted yourself as a user of Samleikin, Gjaldstovan stores your personal information for a period of seven (7) years. Subsequently, your personal information is deleted. The personal information referenced herein refers to the personal information you provided when you created your Samleikin and the data action log generated relative to the events that occurred while you used Samleikin. 

3. General Terms and Conditions

The respective rights you have relative to the use of the services provided by a third-party are between you and the third-party. Gjaldstovan only verifies to the third-party that you are the individual you claim to be.

Gjaldstovan is a validating authority and maintains Samleikin and related certificates. Gjaldstova shall carry out its responsibilities pursuant to this agreement and the certification policies of Samleikin. The certification policies can be found here: https://repository.samleiki.fo.

3.1. Provision of correct information

When you create a Samleikin account, you shall provide the relevant and correct information.

3.2. Be careful

Please be careful that you:

3.3. Stay alert for misuse

You shall immediately delete Samleikin account if you learn or suspect that:

3.4. The responsibility of you and Gjaldstovan to delete Samleikin

3.4.1. Your responsibility

You have the responsibility to delete Samleikin if:

You can delete Samleikin via:

When you shall delete Samleikin, for security purposes, you shall provide your name and government-issued identity number (p-tal). You shall also possibly answer other security control questions. This is to ensure that no one is attempting to impersonate you.

3.4.2. Responsibility of Gjaldstovan

Gjaldstovan has the responsibility to delete a Samleikin account if it:

3.5. If you want to cancel your Samleikin account

You can cancel your Samleikin account at any time. Please note that once you cancel your account, you can no longer gain access to services that require a Samleikin.  

You may cancel your Samleikin account via:

3.6. Renewal

For security reasons, your Samleikin account shall be renewed periodically. A notice reminder will be sent out via email one month before you should renew.

You can always renew your Samleikin account via your Samleikin App. If you have the Samleikin USB flash drive, you must personally visit the Service Centre at Staravegur 9 in Tórshavn.

If you do not renew your Samleikin account by the specified deadline, you must register again to Samleikin.